We proudly present: first 5m x 5m Decrustate ACRE

We proudly present our first prototype of a 5 m x 5 m Decrustate that will also be part of the planned Soil Festival Berlin.

Short Video by Ian Morgan
Premier night














decrust ACKER google earth 0

Place of Origin, google earth

orig lage von ACKER





Down to Earth with Alexhumus human        During Decrustation, corn is growing 5x5 decrustationsprozess





IMG_2235 … decrustation in 15 pieces, with Alex

Ecke des Objekts … bringing the pieces together


IMG_2922         Premier nightIMG_3167


acker1  ….  the morning after..IMG_3195






Decrustate ACRE in Berlin, September 2017:

ACKER_BrandenburgerTor_AAL At Brandenburger Tor, Berlin



Video in preparation