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The Ground underneath our Feet turns into Objects of Art

The Decrustate Collective has developed a unique technique to permanently fix and peel original earth surfaces worldwide.

             Decrustation in Africa and the Arabian Peninsular

These visual as well as haptic original objects of earth are named Decrustates (de-crust, lat. to peel). Physically, intellectually and spiritually elevated they are brought into new contexts of architecture, environmental and concept art or transdisciplinary art projects.

23°33'53.08"S 15°50'57.66"EDecrustate Shadow of a Plant, 90cm x 70cm

Decrustate exhibition Berlin

                                                            Decrustate Acre at Brandenburger Tor           Decrustates Mole Hills in on-site performance

Decrustate Acre in Butho performance

What are Decrustates?

They are objects of thin crusts of original earth surfaces fixed on-site and detached from their place of origin worldwide. As objects of earth they are re-contextualized  info the realm of art around the globe.
We find ground (in)formation on surfaces of dunes, in dry riverbeds, at sea shores, on mountains, fields or in cities and industrial sites.

The unmatched aesthetics of elemental creation and the change of perspective from the horizontal to the vertical highlight the appreciation and respect  towards the foundation of life.
Decrustates touch the senses and sharpen the perception of the relevance of soil and its connection within human cultures.
We place the originality and truthfulness of the Decrustates against today’s digital products: grains of sand vs. pixels

Decrustation in the Namib Desert:
 19°16'0.32"S 3°19'34.33"E the DECRUSTATE seascape - landscape
19°16’0.32″S 3°19’34.33″E    landscape

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Decrustate ‚A Snake’s Place for the Night‘
in Actor Harrison Ford’s Art Collection

We are proud and very exited about Harrison Ford’s choice of a Decrustate, the spot where a sidewinding adder spend the night buried into the sand: in 20 years of Decrustation we never came across something similar where a side-winding adder wriggled itself into the sand for protection from the cold. The Decrustate shows the surface in the morning when the snake continued its foraging.

Decrustate Snake     Great choice, Mr. Ford!

2 (30)
Harrison Ford being introduced to Decrustates

Largest Decrustate:
Documentation of Decrustate Acre at the Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

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