Decrustate Concepts for Public Interventions in the United Arab Emirates

Presently the Collective is in Dubai introducing the project’s various concepts for this region, e.g. to produce large-scale Decrustates of dozens of square meters for urban architecture and art interventions in public spaces.

Unity of Soils at Etihad+Museum2

Etihad Museum, Dubai: Concept for the seven sands of the UAE as single entities…

united soils.skysoil

coming together to form a room: United Sands of the Emirates, approx. 5m x 35m


2020logo7 (2)

Concept for an  installation (approx. 10m diameter) of the  Expo Dubai 2020 logo of rotating moons of the Emirates different colored sands starting with the white sands of the coast turning red the more inland you go, see satelite picture, Google Earth: