About the importance of light showing the relief of Decrustates:

Latest self-made short video about the Decrustation work in the Liwa dunes of Abu Dhabi starring Alex Dzierzon as Master Decruster 🙂


The next video was developped  at the BeSmart Video Workshop, Schloss Bröllin in 2017 with the help of amazing professionals — THANK YOU !!!!!

All videos BELOW are the result of a DECRUSTATION road trip in 2011/12 from Germany to Mali via Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco and Mauritania.

My very special thanks to cameraman and artist Fips Fischer who took the footage and compiled and edited the videos!

2015 Jahr des Bodens, Ausstellung Boden!Bildung, Ihlienworth, Decrustate Beitrag ab 00:02:10