Artist’s CV

1966               born in Kassel, Germany
1983              cultural exchange student, San Francisco, U.S.A.
1987-1988   travels to Northern America, one year on a sailing vessel in the Bahamas and                              the Caribbean
1988-1992   student, University of Munich and Academy of Fine Arts (Multi-media, Prof. F.                              Klein), Munich, Germany
1992-1996   scientific drawer, assistant at ecological research institute Gobabeb, Namib                                 Desert, Africa, co-founder of GECCO (Group of Environmental and Creative                                   COnsciousness), creative environmental education centre, Namib Desert (first                           community-based project in Namibia), founding member of the Namibian                                   Environmental Education Network
1996               travels in Europe and America
1997-2000   environmental projects for youth in Namibia with Ministry of Environment and                          Ministry of Youth and Sport (i.e. desert survival trips on foot), specialized                                       desert  tours, lodge management, movie sets, art projects
2000               first Decrustate in the Namib and Kalahari Desert, further development of                                     technique and Decrustation in Chihuahua Desert, Rocky Mountains and                                         Colorado Plateau, Northern America
2001               further development of technique, presentations, Europe
2002               Decrustation in Namibia, Africa, exhibitions in Namibia and South Africa (Earth                           Summit, Johannesburg, South Africa), environment group exhibition,                                             National  Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia, also curator
2003               exhibitions and Decrustation in Namibia
2004               exhibitions and projects ‚art and environment’, conceptual development of                                 intercontinental work
2005-2006   Decrustation in the Alps and the Sierra Nevada, further development of                                        mounting, framing and conceptual work, exhibition at Congress ’25 Years                                      Alternative Nobel Prize’, Munich, Germany
2007              exhibitions in Germany, Decrustation in West Africa, Central and South Europe
2008              establishment of Decrustate Base Berlin, permanent exhibition and workshop
Decrustation in Southern Africa
2009-10        exhibitions, Decrustation Middle East
2011              exhibitions , Germany, conceptional work to festival ‚ground connection‘
Decrustation in Central Europe, film documentation with Arteminent
Decrustation in Middle East, incooperation Al Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah
2012              Decrustation Northern and West Africa, film documentation with Arteminent
2013              exhibitions and other soil related projects in Germany, workshops with children
2014              exhibitions, Decrustation in North Africa, Concept for ORIGIN, an urban festival                          for soils
2015              cooperations, i.a. Bröllin Castle, International Art Research Location and the                                EU Joint Research Center, Exhibitions and activities for the UN Year of Soil
2016              Development and opening of the Art’s Acre at Schloss Bröllin, group                                               exhibition Examples to follow!, Prototype 5m x5m Decrustate Acre and world                             premiere of Decrustate Acre
Cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia, Berlin
2017             Development of 5m x 5m, 7m x 3m decrustats in the desert Namib and                                           Kalahari with Alex Dzierzon, member of the newly formed Decrustate Collective
exhibitions and performances ‚Soil Auction‘ at Schloss Bröllin and in Berlin
Presentation of the decrustate Acre at the Brandenburg Gate as part of a soil                               protection campaign