Auction of Bröllin Real Estate – Performance and Exhibition with Martin Stiefermann  for 25th Anniversary of Schloss Bröllin e.V.
Carring soil in the Palms of your Hands, Smart Mob, Decrustate Acre at Brandenburger TorA Piece of the Univers, K-Salon, Berlin

Premier Decrustate Acre and opening of the Art’s Acre, Schloss Bröllin
Examples to follow!(ZNE!), Exhibition, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Decrustates, Kunstkontor Schwerin
Embassy of the Republic of Namibia, Berlin

Soil!Education-Formation, Exhibition to UN Intern. Year of Soils, ReArt Halle, Ihlienworth
Decrustates, Gallery Schloss Bröllin, International Art Research Location, Pasewalk
in ‚Long Night of Sciences 2015‘, Geographical Institut, Humboldt University, Berlin
25 Years of Namibian Independance, Namibian Embassy, Titanic Hotels, Berlin
Decrustates Base Berlin, Exhibition to the UN International Year of Soils

Open Studio Exhibition,  Limited Edition ‚Decrustates 2015‘, on-going
Group Exhibition ‚Dirt Dialogues‘ posters, 20th World Congress of Soil Science, 2014, South Korea
in ‚Long Night of Sciences 2014‘, Geographical Institute, Humbold University, Berlin

‚Decrustates‘, Fritz Winter Atelier, Galerie Unteres Schloss, Pähl, Germany
in ‚Long Night of Sciences 2013‘, Geograph. Institute, Humbold University, Berlin
in ‚Geo X‘, Jahresversammlung, Humbold University, Berlin

in ‚Wind Forces‘ , special exhibition of the German Museum of Technology, Berlin
‚Pedotopia‘ , group exhibition, Berlin University of the Arts, Technical University, Berlin
‚Decrustates‘ , Gallery Brockstedt, Berlin

‚ground truth‘ , Domagk Studio Days, Munich/Germany

Group Exhibition, Villa Romenthal, Fritz Winter Studio, Diessen/Germany

Opening of permanent exhibition, Decrustates base berlin/Germany

‚Decrustates- africa america europe ‚, Gallery Geyer Street, Munich/Germany
‚Decrustates- africa america europe‘ , Gallery Art Coyote, Berlin/Germany
’sensitising on earth‘ , Festival of the Senses, Lindlar/Germany

’25 Years Alternative Nobel Prize‘, Goethe Institute, Munich/Germany

‚peace of earth‘ , Omba Gallery, Windhoek/Namibia
Group Exhibition, Europe House, EU Commission, Windhoek/Namibia

Studio Exhibition, Windhoek/Namibia
‚four elements‘ , Expo, Windhoek/Namibia
Environmental Group Exhibition , National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek/Namibia,
also curator
EEASA International Conference (Environmental Association of Southern Africa), Windhoek/Namibia
‚earth for sale‘ , Gutenberg Centre, Windhoek/Namibia

‚africa america‘, Theatre Gallery, Windhoek/Namibia
‚africa america‘, Earth Summit for Sustainable Development, Johannesburg/South Africa
‚africa america‘, Moonstone Gallery, Swakopmund/Namibia
‚africa america‘, Gobabeb Desert Research Station, Namib-Naukluft Park/Namibia

‚america‘, studio exhibition, Sandhausen/Germany
‚america‘, Visual Art Centre, Santa Fe/United States of America
‚america‘, Studio Latham, Santa Fe/United States of America

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico/United States of America
Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado/United States of America