Decrustates at Art Fair Kölner Liste

Decrustate Red Carpet (7m x 1,5m) at entrance and booth inside

Great response at our first and definately not last art fair !

Thanks to Natalie for being part of the Decrustate Collective, Anne , Stefan Pallmer, Tanna and Ralph for protecting Red Carpet from the storm, the whole team of the Fair, Susanne  and many others for their high interest!

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Photos by Stefan Pallmer



They are objects of thin crusts of original earth surfaces detached from their place
of origin and taken to exhibitions around the globe.
We find ground formations/ information on surfaces of dunes, in riverbeds, at sea shores, on mountains, but also in cities and at industrial sites.
During the DECRUSTATION process we select, bind and remove such earth surfaces to exhibit them: elevate them to eye level changing perspectives and contexts.

DECRUSTATION in the Namib Desert:

19°16’0.32″S   3°19’34.33″E
Landscape – Seascape

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Largest Decrustate:
Documentation of Decrustate Acre at the Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, 4.9.2017
photo Korina Gutsche
Documentation to Decrustate Acre at Brandenburger Tor, Berlin here

New information on DECRUSTATES and Architecture.
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