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The Ground underneath our Feet turns into Objects of Art

The Decrustate Collective has developed a unique technique to fix and peel original earth surfaces worldwide. The Art Collective brings these visual as well as haptic art works called Decrustates into new contexts within Concept Art, the environmental art scene and architecture.

Upcoming: Earth Day Exhibition at Natural History Museum Sharjah, 22.4.2019

foto nat mus shar

We show five works of the environmental exhibition Collection-on-Going:
bird – wasp – oryx – spider – beetles
We continue  this  on-going  collection towards an extended environmental exhibition within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, works you find here.


WP_20190118_12_19_19_Pro  carpet

 In 2018 decrustation took place in the United Arab Emirates at three different sites: at Mleiha, Sharjah, at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and at the Liwa dunes of Abu Dhabi …

  … respectively works are so far presented at the Al Maha Resort and the Qasr al Sarab Hotel


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Recently Harisson Ford, actor and vice of the Conservation Union visited DDCR and Al Maha
and was introduced to our work.

Presently the Collective is in Dubai introducing the project’s various concepts for this region, e.g. to produce large-scale Decrustates of dozens of square meters for urban architecture and art interventions in public spaces.

Unity of Soils at Etihad+Museum2

Etihad Museum, Dubai: Concept for the seven sands of the UAE as single entities…

united soils.skysoil

coming together to form a room: United Sands of the Emirates, approx. 5m x 35m


2020logo7 (2)

Concept for an  installation (approx. 10m diameter) of the  Expo Dubai 2020 logo of rotating moons of the Emirates different colored sands starting with the white sands of the coast turning red the more inland you go, see satelite picture, Google Earth:


Please contact us for a hands-on presentation to this many-facetted and unique art project.

What are Decrustates?

They are objects of thin crusts of original earth surfaces detached from their place
of origin and taken to exhibitions around the globe.
We find ground formations/ information on surfaces of dunes, in riverbeds, at sea shores, on mountains, but also in cities and at industrial sites.

What makes Surfaces of Earth to Works of Art

We take surfaces of earth out of their natural context and place these global objects into new contexts: Soil becomes art.
The unmatched aesthetics of elemental creation and the change of perspective from the horizontal to the vertical increase the appreciation and respect of humans towards the foundation of life.
Decrustates touch the senses and sharpen the perception of the relevance of soil and its connection within human cultures.
We place the originality and truthfulness of the Decrustates against today’s virtual products: grains of sand vs. pixels

Decrustation in the Namib Desert:
 19°16'0.32"S 3°19'34.33"E the DECRUSTATE seascape - landscape
19°16’0.32″S 3°19’34.33″E          DECRUSTATE seascape – landscape

Click on pictures to open the gallery on the decrustation process!

Largest Decrustate:
Documentation of Decrustate Acre at the Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

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New information on DECRUSTATES and Architecture
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